According to the final All-Star Game balloting update provided by MLB before the teams are revealed, Astros stars Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa and George Springer are each still in line to start July 11 in Miami.

Player D.O.B Sport Batted Threw Position
Nelson Cruz Jun 30,1980 BaseBall R R P
Salvador Perez   BaseBall R R C
Lance Berkman Feb 09,1976 BaseBall B L DH
Carlos Correa Sep 21,1994 BaseBall R R SS
Dallas Keuchel Dec 31,1987 BaseBall L L P
Roger Clemens Aug 03,1962 BaseBall R R P
Cy Young Mar 28,1867 BaseBall R R P
Mike Trout Aug 06,1991 BaseBall R R OF
Barry Bonds Jul 23,1964 BaseBall L L OF
Aaron Judge Apr 25,1992 BaseBall R R OF
Gary Sanchez   BaseBall R R C
Ken Griffey   BaseBall L L OF
George Springer Sep 18,1989 BaseBall R R OF
Jose Altuve   BaseBall R R 2B
Francisco Lindor Nov 13,1993 BaseBall B R SS
Michael Brantley May 14,1987 BaseBall L L OF
Jeff Kent Mar 06,1968 BaseBall R R 3B
Josh Reddick Feb 18,1987 BaseBall L R OF
Sammy Sosa Nov 11,1968 BaseBall R R DH
Brian McCann Feb 19,1984 BaseBall L R C
Robinson Cano   BaseBall L R 2B
Starlin Castro Mar 23,1990 BaseBall R R SS
Evan Gattis Aug 17,1986 BaseBall R R DH