Pat Neshek is the Phillies' only good bet to be traded before the July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline. The Phillies have a host of players they could move, but sources have told that Neshek remains the most likely (and perhaps only player) to be traded in the next 11 days.

Player D.O.B Sport Batted Threw Position
David Robertson Apr 08,1985 BaseBall R R P
Daniel Nava Feb 21,1983 BaseBall B L OF
Jeremy Hellickson Apr 07,1987 BaseBall R R P
Tommy Kahnle Aug 06,1989 BaseBall R R P
Joaquin Benoit   BaseBall R R P
Howie Kendrick Jul 11,1983 BaseBall R R 2B
Christian Yelich Dec 04,1991 BaseBall L R OF
Sean Doolittle Sep 26,1986 BaseBall L L P
Giancarlo Stanton Nov 07,1989 BaseBall R R OF
Pat Neshek Sep 03,1980 BaseBall B R P
Ryan Madson Aug 27,1980 BaseBall L R P
Jonathan Papelbon Nov 22,1980 BaseBall R R P