On another night, had the winds of fate blown differently, Jacob deGrom might have approached history. As it was, deGrom settled for mere shades of immortality on Friday, his 12-strikeout performance capping a standout month for the Mets' healthiest pitcher.

Player D.O.B Sport Batted Threw Position
Jeremy Hellickson Apr 07,1987 BaseBall R R P
Jose Reyes   BaseBall B R SS
Jacob deGrom Jun 18,1988 BaseBall L R P
Ty Kelly Jul 19,1988 BaseBall B R 2B
Curtis Granderson Mar 15,1981 BaseBall L R OF
Zack Wheeler May 29,1990 BaseBall L R P
Odubel Herrera Dec 28,1991 BaseBall L R OF