Even before the Astros' front office whiffed at executing a significant trade deadline deal Monday, one would have had a difficult time arguing against Dallas Keuchel as the team's most important player.

Player D.O.B Sport Batted Threw Position
Wilson Ramos Aug 09,1987 BaseBall R R C
Alex Bregman Mar 29,1994 BaseBall R R SS
Dallas Keuchel Dec 31,1987 BaseBall L L P
Logan Morrison Aug 24,1987 BaseBall L L 1B
Cy Young Mar 28,1867 BaseBall R R P
Peter Bourjos Mar 30,1987 BaseBall R R OF
Marwin Gonzalez   BaseBall B R 1B
Chris Archer Sep 25,1988 BaseBall R R P
Brad Miller Oct 17,1989 BaseBall L R SS
Trevor Plouffe Jun 14,1986 BaseBall R R 3B
Adeiny Hechavarria Apr 14,1989 BaseBall R R 3B
Mallex Smith May 05,1993 BaseBall L R OF
Joe Musgrove Dec 03,1992 BaseBall R R P
George Springer Sep 18,1989 BaseBall R R OF
Jose Altuve   BaseBall R R 2B
Carlos Beltran   BaseBall B R OF
Corey Dickerson May 21,1989 BaseBall L R OF
Josh Reddick Feb 18,1987 BaseBall L R OF
Brian McCann Feb 19,1984 BaseBall L R C
Evan Longoria Oct 06,1985 BaseBall R R 3B