Morton, who went 13 days between picking up a ball, said he made about 25 throws from roughly 75 feet. He will throw again Saturday and continue to work his way toward pitching off a mound in bullpen sessions and an eventual minor league rehab assignment.

Player D.O.B Sport Batted Threw Position
Kole Calhoun Oct 13,1987 BaseBall L L OF
Martin Maldonado   BaseBall R R C
Albert Pujols Jan 15,1980 BaseBall R R 1B
Alex Bregman Mar 29,1994 BaseBall R R SS
Carlos Correa Sep 21,1994 BaseBall R R SS
Dallas Keuchel Dec 31,1987 BaseBall L L P
Cameron Maybin Apr 03,1987 BaseBall R R OF
Marwin Gonzalez   BaseBall B R 1B
Mike Scioscia Nov 26,1958 BaseBall L R C
Danny Espinosa Apr 24,1987 BaseBall B R 2B
Matt Shoemaker Sep 26,1986 BaseBall R R P
Ken Giles Sep 19,1990 BaseBall R R P
George Springer Sep 18,1989 BaseBall R R OF
Jose Altuve   BaseBall R R 2B
Alfredo Griffin Oct 05,1957 BaseBall B R SS
Luis Valbuena Nov 29,1985 BaseBall L R 2B
Josh Reddick Feb 18,1987 BaseBall L R OF
Ashur Tolliver Jan 23,1988 BaseBall L L P
Charlie Morton   BaseBall R R P
Yunel Escobar Nov 01,1982 BaseBall R R 3B
Evan Gattis Aug 17,1986 BaseBall R R DH